Finished work

1) Get off the technological hamster wheel.
2) Innovation ≠ Good, Obsolete ≠ Bad.
3) Obsolete Design.

The Freedom Collections was performed at Festival de Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier. Petr Kazil who was in the audience described it as "a nice combination of a group-problem-solving-session, slapstick, street-act, fashion-show and art-performance".

This year Holy Crap hosted a psychogeographic-dérive-zine-improv-session workshop AZJ. 

'Platform 4 Chaos' typeface was used to design the exhibition identity.

Tour de Squat was a work a part of the Frames of Thinking exhibition at the Poortgebouw. It is a zine showcasing an illustrative typeface I developed in 2007 using squatted and abandoned buildings in Rotterdam as the components of each letter.   

Applique on sweater

Attachable ‘hand’ shoulder pads on second-hand dress. Hands are made of leftover fabric from shortening the dress itself.

Recycled white yarn, second-hand beads, found twine.

Workshop at Amsterdam Zine Jam organised by Rekult. In collaboration with Rachel Sender.

Happy Birthday Giulia! 


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