W-I-P - Freedom Suits, 2014

W-I-P - Freedom Suits, 2014


It all began with a generous donation of 16 suit protectors by ScrapXL, a neighbouring shop that sells industry waste and left-overs. Printed on the fabric is a generic stock image denoting the commercial idea of ‘freedom’, ‘youth’, ‘carelessness’, the kind that can be ‘attained’ by purchasing a product. 


Freedom vs. restriction, something very familiar to me as a designer asserting an artistic freedom within a given assignment, as a body moving in a manufactured and over-designed landscape, as a second-generation immigrant searching for freedom of expression in one place and yet landing into another place with other kinds of cultural and political restrictions. 

I started to play around with this tension and started to manifest this contradiction by drawing up 3 suits with the fabric that lock the body into certain positions;

1) strait jacket, alluding to madness. 
2) cocoon that traps the body into a position that it can only type behind a computer, referencing a prevailing contemporary affliction. 
3) and another more playful one…this one still needs working out.

Prototype 1: The Strait Jacket

Prototype 2: The Computer Cocoon

Prototype 3: The ‘Funny’ One.

Top part of all three of them